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We started planning our Morocco trip almost too late – by first week of December we were still discussing whether Morocco is our destination for 2017’s Christmas – New Year break.


Ian Hardie replied (to) my message in under an hour and then we started talking. In the next 3-4 days we exchanged at least 20 messages discussing every detail of the trip. Ian was extremely helpful. He had extensive knowledge about the places we plan to go and what to be expected. He was always very patient and willing to accommodate our many requests. His partner in Morocco – Larbi Anzal – was helping us to book accommodations and arranging transportation. I knew I could trust these good people and the results proved me right.

The trip in Morocco was very memorable. I’d even say it is one of the best trips I’ve had in my life. Youssef our driver was a great guy who was always passionate to show us anything and everything about his country. we loved almost every encounter with Moroccan people. They were very welcoming and kind.

Youssef had a copy of our trip plan and it was executed in the best way possible. In Morocco, especially when you have a tight schedule and are planning on visiting the Sahara, having an exclusive car and driver is your best bet. My advice to people who are planning this trip: talk to Ian, and ask for Youssef to be your driver and trustworthy travel companion – you will find your trip extremely pleasant, easy, comfortable and hustle-free.

My friends just told me that their co-workers and friends who’ve been to Morocco were all surprised (at) how efficiently we were able to visit so many places in 7 days and yet were still able to have a very enjoyable trip. My friends gave me tonnes of thanks and compliments for making this happen – I’d like to pass them on to Ian Hardie, Larbi Anzal and our driver Youssef. Without them our trip may not even be possible, let alone being awesome.

I won’t hesitate to recommend Ian and Larbi to anyone who’s planning their next trip to Morocco. You won’t regret it. They cared so much about this trip and about (the) planning for this trip that I wanted to write here and share with everyone.