Hiking & Trekking


Being based in Marrakech, Anzal Tours (ATS) knows many readily accessible hiking and trekking opportunities.

To the south of the city is the High Atlas, from their gently rising foothills to mighty summits e.g. Toubkal.

To the immediate north of the city is the Marrakech Plain and the rolling Jbilat Mountains (so much to explore and enjoy here, well of the tourist tracks).

Further north still are the magnificent Rif Mountains, again offering wonderful opportunities for being among nature, mountains and rich forests.

ATS hikes are organized in the spirit of allowing you to meet and connect with the friendly Berber and Arab populations of Morocco whilst enjoying your time walking among stunning landscapes. With our team of Guides, you will gain knowledge of the region, traditions and culture.

ATS can offer hikes and treks for everyone, at all levels of demand and for whatever time duration (from just a half day, to a whole day, to several days, to a week or more).

With ATS you discover the magnificence of the Moroccan landscapes, their geology, their flora and fauna, their peoples and culture.

Please click on the buttons to read about some of the hikes and treks that ATS offers.

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