Travelling Tours

As well as offering a wide range of ½ day and whole day Travelling Tours, ATS also offers longer Travelling Tours, of any duration you might wish, from a few days to one or two weeks.

A Multiple Day Tour allows larger distances to be covered and thus the chance to visit a wide range of some of the very different types of natural landscape and human activity present in Morocco.

Our multiple day Travelling Tours are designed and carefully planned to ensure a wide variety of rich encounters with Moroccan landscapes and people. Contrasting experiences abound on such tours, with each day offering captivating and exhilarating opportunities.

  • The tours offer much diversity of experience e.g. the Marrakech Plain and Jbilat Mountains, the High Atlas, the Sahara, the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, the Rif Mountains.
  • For small groups, ATS uses 4×4 vehicles (e.g. Toyota Land Cruisers), for moderately sized groups executive minibuses are used and for large groups modern, comfortable coaches (from one of Morocco’s largest and foremost coach companies) are used.
  • Whilst each day’s tour itinerary is well planned, there is always provision allowed to enjoy the occasional unexpected encounter/side event; such occurrences are often what “make” any Tour very special.
Out and About: Wirgane, High Atlas - 1 Day
The Atlantic Coast ESSAOUIRA - 1 Day (with overnight option)
Berber Adventure: High Atlas, Angal Valley - 1 Day
multiple day travelling tours more about a sahara (zagora) tour
Out and About: ​Ourika Valley, High Atlas - 1 Dayy