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Great news; Morocco is opening up its borders once again to incoming tourists.

Recently the Moroccan Government announced the opening of its borders to flights and ferries. As to when these flight/ferry companies will begin to operate is not known (it is up to airlines/ferries to respond/react) but this news is giving good hope for the future.

As a result, accommodations, transport services, Guides, etc. that Anzal Tours (ATS) uses will be gradually re-opening too. ATS is naturally very keen to once again begin talking with clients, developing personalised, bespoke itineraries and creating terrific tours.

All private and bespoke ATS tour itineraries will only be planned and operated following the governmental guidelines having been fully understood and implemented by all of our service providers.

Arriving tourists will be asked for the details of their accommodation(s) that they will use (name, address, tel.no. and date(s) of use); ATS has all of this information.

There will not be any virus tests involved but at the airport and thereafter in all the accommodations there will be temperature checks of each traveller.


After many years of working in tourism, the opportunity to create a very special type of tourism company was identified. Anzal Tourisme Services (ATS) is the result.
Whether it is Moroccans, tourists, individuals, friends, couples, families, companies or organisations,

Masks over nose and mouth must be worn at all times in public places and on all transport.

The frequent washing of hands, the use of hand sanitiser and the keeping of a minimum distance of 1.5m from other people is expected.

All of ATS’s service providers are aware of the above rules and how very important they are to follow and enforce. ATS is most fortunate in having a wide range of long established and highly trusted service providers with whom we work. Working together, with a strong, shared interest in safe travel, this offers excellent reassurance for our clients.

Further, the specialised nature of ATS’s tour provision (offering private, bespoke tours for groups of people already known to each-other e.g. friends, families, colleagues) allows for a feeling of security whilst on tour.

Naturally, ATS will keep alert to all further/changing proposals and procedures coming from the Moroccan Government regarding tourist travel and keep you informed.

Exotic Morocco is now able to offer, once again, life enhancing sights and experiences. Browse the ATS website; there are many great tours to consider. We very much look forward to hearing from you.

Larbi Anzal, Owner and MD of Anzal Tours

Anzal Tourisme Services (ATS) provides particularly special tourist experiences, allowing clients to truly get “into” Morocco and to gain much from their encounters in Morocco.

Extensive experience in developing and operating Morocco tours

Working together, we create your personalised, ideal, tailor-made tour

Comprehensive comfort, care and security from beginning to end

Good prices, excellent traveller service and experience provision

Tours that provide positive, deep and life-long memories

Providing the highest level of traveler satisfaction

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Our Happy Travelers

​Paul & Gillian, Edinburgh



​For our recent trip to Morocco we could have had no better guide than Larbi, owner and MD of Anzal Tours (ATS).




North Wales


​​Anzal Tours (ATS) provided a bespoke holiday that catered for a wide variety of interests in an outstanding location.




North Scotland


My travelling friends keep telling me it was the best conducted holiday they have ever had.


Lesley, Birmingham



The holiday worked extremely well with ample time to savour everything without feeling rushed and it was excellent value for money.


Andrea, Chester



Anzal Tours (ATS) organised a tour that was ideal for our group. ATS looked after us well and enabled us to learn about what we were seeing The practical arrangements were well organised and everything ran very smoothly



Alif Nadya



Ian has provided me with a really good service and information. Also thanks to Larbi, his partner in Morocco, for arranging the trip. I got to visit lots of places in my short amount of time.






We started planning our Morocco trip almost too late – by first week of December we were still discussing whether Morocco is our destination for 2017’s Christmas – New Year break.






We loved our time in Morocco! It was especially great because of our driver/guide Saleh. He was very professional and respectful to us.



Alli Godbold



We had an amazing time and the two hikes with Mouhssin and Mohammed were definitely the highlights of our holiday. We had our 2 sons with us,


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