The High Atlas: 1 Day Options


Lying to the south of Marrakech, this mountain range is amongst one of the “giants’ of the world’s mountainous areas. Their steep and dramatic slopes suddenly rise up to astonishing heights, their grandeur and domination always impressing the traveller.

The “bare bones’ of the mountain’s origins are clear to see in the uplifted and twisted layers of rock, the result of great earth movements millions off years ago. After their tectonic uplift, river action has impressively sculpted the scenery and created many spectacular valleys.

​The highest peak of Mount Toubkal (4167m) is often clear to see. Present in the massif’s mountainsides are the Berber people who somehow manage to wrest a living from a most challenging environment, crops from the fertile river valleys and livestock from the extensive upland pastures.

As well as the fabulous landscapes and sceneries of the High Atlas, equally fascinating encounters will be had with the Berbers, the mountain people. Known for their open friendliness and kind hospitality, as well as seeing their villages and farming activities, often invitations will be received to drink some tea in a Berber home.

A journey into the High Atlas allows you to enter “another world” of fascinating and absorbing landscapes and human activity.